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Cosmic Ray Obsevatory Around The World


Yang Ba Jing (羊八井) Muon Telescope
Zhong Shan (中山) 8 Muon Telescope
National Satallite Metorological Center (北京) Muon Telescope
Beijing (北京) Muon Telescope
Gui Yang (贵阳) Muon Telescope
Gui Yang (贵阳) (8) Muon Telescope
Nan Ning (南宁) (8) Muon Telescope

(地面宇宙线 NM64 中子监测器)

Yang Ba Jing (羊八井) Neutron Monitor of Muon-Neutron Telescope
Yang Ba Jing (羊八井) Neutron Monitor(China-Japan)


Earthquake-anomalous-particle Satellite

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